Why Choose Ice B'Gone Magic

Ice B’Gone Magic separates itself from other ice melt products with its non-toxic, environmentally friendly, innovative formula. The formula starts out as an ordinary rock salt product, but the rock salt is then treated with a liquid by-product of vodka and rum, and then mixed with Magnesium Chloride. This patented liquid transforms rock salt into a superior de-icing product. It works at temperatures as low as -35º Fahrenheit, temperatures this low make traditional rock salt products ineffective. 

Cost Effective

Lower your winter maintenance costs without sacrificing effectiveness by using Ice B’Gone Magic. Ice B’Gone Magic works in temperatures 50 degrees lower than the leading competitors, ensuring that you will rid of unwanted ice and snow in the worst of conditions. With Ice B’Gone Magic you can cover the same area as traditional rock salt, but use half of the product. By using 50% less product for the same result, will save you money and time. You will no longer need to worry about damage caused by traditional rock salts, as Ice B’Gone is 85% less intrusive and damaging to pavements, lawns, and all other surfaces. Avoid diminishing the value of your property by using traditional rock salts and go with the superior product, Ice B’Gone Magic!

Environmentally Safe

Using traditional rock salts will have negative effects on both the environment and your property. Traditional rock salts cause dead vegetation, kills grass, and even creates pavement and vehicle erosion. Ice B’Gone Magic’s unique formula is eco-friendly and non-corrosive, making it the more environmentally safe option. Ice B’Gone Magic eliminates possible damage created by traditional rock salts. Protect your property and the environment by choosing Ice B’Gone Magic.

Ice B'Gone Magic vs Traditional Ice Melts

When using ice removal products, you want to use the safest and most effective product on the market. Ice B’Gone Magic stands out against traditional rock salt products, as it is safe, natural, and effective! It’s unique formula, produced from vodka, rum, and Magnesium Chloride makes it safe for children, pets, and the environment. This formula allows Ice B’Gone Magic to work at temperatures as low as -35º Fahrenheit, so you can be sure to rid of ice and snow in even the most adverse conditions. Traditional rock salt products contain toxic anti-freeze agents such as Methanol, Glycerol, and Propylene Glycol that are harmful to people, pets, and equipment. In addition, traditional rock salt products only work in temperatures as low as 18 º Fahrenheit and are notorious for leaving un-slightly white residue and damage to your property. Why waste time and money on unsafe, corrosive, and ineffective rock salts? Instead, choose Ice B’Gone Magic to safely reduce your winter management costs by 30%!

Kid & Pet Friendly

Traditional rock salts contain dangerous, anti-freeze agents that are harmful to children and pets. Avoid exposing your family to these toxic chemicals with Ice B’Gone Magic. Ice B’Gone Magic is made from natural, ingredients derived from vodka, rum, and Magnesium Chloride. This formula is approved by the E.P.A as being both non-toxic and safe for children and pets. Ice B’ Gone Magic is an innovate, safe solution to get rid of ice and to create a safe, non-toxic environment for your family!