Homeowner, Child, and Pet Safety

As a parent your number one concern is safety. Ice B’Gone Magic is the best way to rid your property of dangerous ice while still using an all-natural 100% biodegradable product. Most commonly homeowners’ need ice melting products to de-ice their drive ways and walk ways. These are areas of high traffic for people and pets. Traditional rock salt products and ice removal products can contain toxic anti-freeze chemicals that can hurt your loved ones. Ice B’Gone Magic’s formula has been approved by the E.P.A as non-toxic and safe for children and pets. The last thing you want is to up toxic products when there is a safe, non-toxic option in Ice B’Gone Magic!

Cost Efficiency and Property Damage

Ice B’Gone Magic is 50% more efficient than traditional rock salt products. Requiring half the product to do the same job makes Ice B’gone Magic the most cost efficient choice on the market. Traditional rock salt products kill vegetation on your property, leaving you with unsightly damage and high landscaping expenses. Ice B’Gone Magic is a biodegradable product that won't leave you with a dead lawn after the winter. In addition the high salt content in traditional rock salts is incredibly corrosive to both your machinery and vehicles. With Ice B’Gone Magic you can avoid corrosive damage to your equipment and avoid costly maintenance bills!